Characteristics of Arapaima, the Living Fossil

Have you ever heard about Arapaima? This gigantic fish is the inhabitant of the Amazon river. Because of its gigantic body, this fish is called as the living fossil. If you are curious about this fish, here are some characteristics of Arapaima. The Monster of Freshwater Arapaima is called as the monster of freshwater because […]

Meet the Apex Predator of the Ocean: Great White Sharks

Great white sharks are the most ravenous apex predator of the ocean. An apex predator usually plays a key role in controlling the prey population . They play a very important role because the ecosystem stability is depended upon their presence in the ecosystem. Great white sharks are one of the most dangerous sharks […]

Goblin Shark: One of the Most Weird-Looking Dangerous Sea Creatures

As there are many kinds of sharks down there in the ocean blue, not that many people know about Goblin shark characteristics. ¬†Those many sharks have so many different unique characteristics, including the goblin shark.¬† The different characteristics between any kind of sharks mostly can be found in the shape of their heads. Are you […]

Characteristics of Piranha

Who does not know piranha? This fish is the most feared wild fish that is very sensitive to blood smell. With its strong and sharp teeth and bite, piranha can finish off its prey in seconds. Piranha can reach up to 30 cm in length. This kind of fish preys on other fishes, mammals, worms, […]

The Role of Society and Government in Preserving Fish Life

Culinary tourism is certainly increasingly in demand by all people in the world. Not a few restaurants or eating places that provide this type of food, “Seafood”. Surely they offer a variety of freshwater and sea fish. It is very important for anyone to protect the marine ecosystem, including fish life. Just imagine, how many […]

Waste and Hazardous Substances will Destroy the Fish Life

Secretary General of the United Nations (UN) Antonio Guterres recently called on citizens of the world to make individual and collective efforts to stop plastic pollution in the ocean. If there is no serious preventive effort, he predicts, in the not too distant future plastic waste will defeat the number of all fish and disrupt […]