Betta Fish Fun Facts Fish is one of the most unique ways of decorating if you have an aquarium in the house. Well, I remember my childhood whenever I went to my uncle’s house, I always loved to see his goldfishes in his round-shaped aquarium. I could watch them for hours, and I don’t want to get disturbed. My father used to have two Flowerhorn fish in his rectangular-shaped aquarium. However, he didn’t put too many decorations inside it. Today, I wanna talk about Betta fish. These fish can’t be denied because they also filled my childhood.¬† So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about Betta fish fun facts that you might want to know.

Betta Fish Fun
Betta Fish Fun

General information

Betta fish are one of the members of the gourami family. It is one of the famous fish in South East Asian countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, and Vietnam. There are three kinds of Betta fish, they are decorative Betta fish, fighting Betta fish, and wild Betta fish.

Betta fish usually live in the swamp waters, rice fields, and shallow rivers. They also have a lot of type variations, such as Halfmoon, Crown Tail, Double Tail, and many more. Each of them has its own uniqueness, and the price can be various.

Betta Fish Fun
Betta Fish Fun

Has unique color combinations

It is rare to see a fish with a fascinating color combination. If you meet them, at least you can spot one or two colors. If a fish has a beautiful color combination with lovely-shaped fins, then the fish must be expensive.

This applied to Betta fish as well. They have various color patterns and combinations. Also, they have beautiful fins. So, no wonder why this fish can be expensive in an economic sense.

Betta Fish Fun
Betta Fish Fun

A beast when it comes about territory

One of the Betta fish fun facts. What makes Betta fish aggressive, especially the male ones? Well, they are territorial animals. Male Betta fish will directly attack other male Betta if that fish enters his territory. The attack includes biting each other, and it is not rare to see the aftermath ended with a lot of injuries, or sometimes death to one of the Betta fish.

How about the female ones? Well, they just intimidate each other when another female Betta enters her territory. They are not as aggressive as the male, and it is rare to see the female ones fighting each other.

Purposely bred for centuries

Domestic Betta fish we see nowadays are actually the result of purpose bred by humans for centuries. This also affects their aggressiveness. Domestic Betta fish are more aggressive and violent than Betta fish in the wild. This is because they are purposely bred as a fighter or duelist fish.

The color of these fish is various because they are crossbred. As the last fact of the Betta fish fun facts, Betta fish in the wild usually only have chocolate or gray color. Meanwhile, the crossbred Betta fish have various colors, such as blue, red, purple, and many more.

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