7 Fascinating Facts about Fish

7 Fascinating Facts

7 Fascinating Facts about Fish. There are plenty of fish in the pond. But do you know each one of them? Or, do you even know what fish are? Here in this article, we will show you several fascinating facts about fish.

#1 Cold-blooded creatures

Fish are cold-blooded. Their internal body could adapt to the surrounding water temperature. They can quickly adapt to the water they are swimming in. As we have mentioned earlier, there are plenty of fish in this world. However, almost all of them – 96 percent, precisely – are bony fish. The 4 percent of them are cartilaginous such as rays, skates, sharks, and so on.

7 Fascinating Facts
7 Fascinating Facts

#2 Electric eels

One of the most fascinating sea creatures is the electric eel. This creature can discharge up to 500 volts. Electric eels use their shock ability to offense their prey or get rid of something that makes them feel unsafe. Talking about electric eels, their vital organs are located right behind their heads. Also, those vital organs are only 1/5 of their body while the rest of the body is in charge of giving an electric shock.

7 Fascinating Facts
7 Fascinating Facts

#3 Arowana and the Amazon River

Arowana is another popular fish people love to collect. It is believed as a symbol of prosperity. This type of fish can jump out of water when hunting for food. Bats, birds, and insects seem like forcing Arowana to jump out of the water. Fish species we all know today were mostly found in the Amazon River.

7 Fascinating Facts
7 Fascinating Facts

#4 Gar the living fossil and seahorses birthing

Have you heard about gar? Gar is also called “living fossils”. Scientists found the remains of this creature back from the Cretaceous era. Seahorses also have a fun fact you need to know. The female seahorse will transfer their eggs to the male and let him take care of the birthing.

#5 Red lionfish and baby sharks

We all agree that red lionfish are pretty. It becomes a centerpiece in your aquarium. However, this creature is one of the devastating creatures in the Atlantic Ocean. It is invasive for the ecosystem.

The whale shark is the biggest fish in the world today. When it grows optimally, it can reach 41 feet long. On the other hand, the sand tiger shark is the only shark identified that can adjust gulping and expelling air. This method helps the shark to move motionless in the water column. No matter how big sharks are, the babies are called pups.

#6 The northern snakehead swimming bladder

Besides arapaima, the northern snakehead is another creature that can gulp air. They absorb oxygen through their double-duty swim bladders which function pretty much like lungs. Thus, the snakehead can travel across one side of the water to another so easy to find the most suitable water for their bodies each season.

#7 Clownfish

The clownfish have a strict hierarchy with a clear boundary of dominance. The big one you find at top of the group is commonly the most aggressive one and female. Also, clownfish have a mutual relationship with sea anemones.

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