Easy to Get and Nutritious: Five Types of Fish for Your Consumption 

There are many types of fish that you can consume. Both freshwater and seawater fish have delicious fish after processing. Fish is one of the easiest sources of food. Even in breeding, fish can breed naturally in open waters or can be cultivated by fish farmers, so that they are easy to find. Fish meat […]

Characteristics of Arapaima, the Living Fossil

Have you ever heard about Arapaima? This gigantic fish is the inhabitant of the Amazon river. Because of its gigantic body, this fish is called as the living fossil. If you are curious about this fish, here are some characteristics of Arapaima. The Monster of Freshwater Arapaima is called as the monster of freshwater because […]

Meet the Apex Predator of the Ocean: Great White Sharks

Great white sharks are the most ravenous apex predator of the ocean. An apex predator usually plays a key role in controlling the prey population . They play a very important role because the ecosystem stability is depended upon their presence in the ecosystem. Great white sharks are one of the most dangerous sharks […]