Different Types of Fish Species and Their Facts

Different Types of

Different Types of Fish Species and Their Facts. We often hear that there is plenty of fish in the pond. But, how many are we talking about? What is fish anyway? There are so many different fish species on earth right now. However, there are 40 types of them we can identify so far. In this article, we will try to show you a few of them as well as their fun facts.

What is fish?

Fish is part of paraphyletic organisms. They have limbs and digits to manage their lives. Most fish we find today are bonefish. However, there are a few other types of them such as lampreys, cartilaginous, and hagfish. Fish are important for human life. They give plenty of vitamins, minerals, and proteins to manage the human body.

Fish use their gills to breathe. The gills are functioning like lungs in the human body. Some of them eat plants and many of them are omnivores. Ammonia and nitrogen are the excretion of fish.

Different Types of Fish
Different Types of Fish

Siamese Fighting Fish

Siamese Fighting Fish is also called betta splendens, trey krem, and pla-kad. As an aquarium fish, this fish type belongs to the Gourami family. Also, this one can live a civilized life and mingle with other fish. However, they can only live for 2 years in the right water temperature.

Different Types of
Different Types of

Common Carp

Common Carp is scientifically known as Cyprinus Carpio. The biggest fish can reach 14 kilograms in weight. Common carp can only live in freshwater lakes and commonly reside in Asia and Europe’s water bodies. This creature can tolerate a low oxygen level. As one of the fish eaten by humans all over the world, common carp can lay up to 300 thousand eggs once.

Different Types of
Different Types of


Carassius auratus or goldfish is an aquarium fish. Today’s goldfish have been developed in breeding. This fish has an amazing kiu kiu online social learning skill and is pretty gregarious. They eat plants and insects yet could live up to 30 years. During 72 hours, the eggs of this fish hatch.


Oscar or also known as cichlid is part of Astronotus. Commonly found in China, the United States, Australia, and South America, this fish is an aquarium fish. The biggest size can reach up to 1.4 kilograms and they grow quickly. These fish eat other fish with territorial behavior. Oscar can live up to 13 years under the right water temperature.

Welsh Catfish

Welsh catfish is also known as sheatfish. This creature is commonly found in Lake Constance, Caspian Sea, and Baltic. The longest welsh catfish can reach 4 meters in length and 400 kilograms in weight. They only live in freshwater and eat other animals especially if they live in water bodies. Welsh catfish could grow that big because they can live up to 60 years.

Sword Fish

Swordfish or broadbills could migrate from one tropical place to another. They can be found under the depth of 550 meters in the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. The biggest swordfish could reach up to 650 kilograms. As a fighter with a sword on its face, this fish kills easily.

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